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I have a Golden Retriver that has a leg/hip problem. Need some help/advice Please?!?

I have a pure bred golden retriver that is turning 7 years old in a few weeks. He weighs 145 lbs which makes him a pretty big dog, but isnt surprising to us at least since his parents were just as big.

Anyway about a week and a half ago I noticed he was sort of limping on his back foot. I though he might have done somthing to it becasue even in the past somethings happend with his leg that I didn't see and it get better in a few days.

Well just a few days ago the problem wasn't any better and I noticed that when he walked he would limp but he would turn his back foot to the side when he walked which would make it look like he was limping. So then I thought maybe it was his hip?

With all this he's still acting like his old self still rolling on the grass running jumping (but trying to rerain his from doing so) So he's still his old self

Just wanting to know if anyone has had this problem before? Is it his leg or hip? Should I take his to the vet or let it heal on its own?I have a Golden Retriver that has a leg/hip problem. Need some help/advice Please?!?
It's his hips. Have you ever had him x-rayed for dysplasia? Try to get some weight off him. It won't solve the problem, but it will take some pressure off his hips.I have a Golden Retriver that has a leg/hip problem. Need some help/advice Please?!?
take him to the vet. It hopefully is something minor but could be hip displasia or arthritis like the people above said. But think of this do you want your dog to be in pain? the vet will help relieve the pain whatever it is.
Even large Golden Retrievers don't usually hit 100 pounds and they do have a tendency towards bone and joint issues such as hip dysplasia and arthritic conditions when bred correctly. Most conscientious breeders OFA their dog's hips and elbows and breed to the standard to maintain breed characteristics that allow the dog to best be able to do its work, that of a bird dog. Someone that would breed dogs that large to begin with doubtfully would do the health testing necessary to insure prevention of problems. Everyone always thinks conformation is about being 'pretty' but it is about being structurally sound -- not prone to breaking down over time because of correct structure. Goldens have been quite popular for some time and are thus indescriminantly bred without regard to sound structure except by responsible breeders so the odds of it being a leg and/or hip problem is very high, particulary given his being oversized to begin with. It won't heal on its own -- even if it is a trauma injury, it likely is rooted in unsound structure so will need intervention from a vet. Make sure you keep any excess weight off of him as well as that simply makes matters worse. Good luck...
It would be a good idea to take him to the vet, you should determine if there is not a larger problem or a chronic problem finally showing. Since the dog is limping, there is some type of pain in his movement. With a dog that size, I would suspect a joint, most likely the hip. GR's have a history of hip problems in the breed also. Any history of joint problems in the dogs parents, brothers and sisters etc.

Supportive care for hip joint problems include changing diet to improve nutrition and reduce wieght on the joints, supplements for joints like glucosamine/chondroitin/omega oils and accupunture for joint support and healing. Reducing inflamation will provide effective pain managment so the dog is not suffering. With support dogs can live well with chonic joint problems.
It would be a good idea to take him to the vet. The vet may want to take an x-ray and check for dysplasia (hip).
He is a large dog and he is getting older, it could be arthritis and that can be pretty uncomfortable. There is a slim chance it could be worse and could be hip dysplasia. So, since it is painful whether it is serious or not, you really should have the Vet check him out. He will have a few more aches and pains as he ages and you will want to do what you can to help his golden years be as comfortable for him as possible.
Take your dog to the vet and have him thoroughly checked, then since he is older get him on a glucosamine, msm supplement and fish oil.

i have seen amazing results in two of my dogs with the use of these supplements.

My oldest had a neck injury and the second oldest has bad patellas-both were treated traditionally with steroids and rimadyl and got some relief but it did not last. I then searched and found great fish oil and glucosamine supplements and since using them both are feeling great and have had no reoccurance my vet is very impressed. See my source for a link to check out and order these supplements. You won't be sorry. My dogs will never spend another day without these supplements. Hope this helps.
145 lbs is big for a golden. is he over weight? cause that may be his problem. if a dog is overweight it affects them as they get older. Golden's are supposed to weigh between 70-85. 145 sounds like your dog is either overweight or mixed with a bigger dog. either way take him to the vet. large dogs like Golden's are prone to hip dysplasia
Large dogs like golden retrievers are common for leg and hip problems. Take him to the vet. They get hip displacements and can get bad if left unseen to.

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